3 Steps to develop a Cultural Journey your employees will love!

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1. Measure culture

People knowledge

You need to know where you are to be able to change.
What is the reason why there is low commitment, high stress levels and many who are considering changing jobs? to know what is really going on among the employees we have to stop assuming but actually knowing your people. With Culture Exploit, you can build a cultural journey your employees love and measure what matters to employees, management and owners.

2. Observe the results

People awareness

How to visually see the unknown known. To change culture, you depend on people with the expected behavior. By mapping what behavioral tendencies there are, it will be easier to create a strategy based on the strengths of the employees. Set plans for activities which highlights the need of change and developments and you will succeed.

3. Valuate and Elevate

People power and People tomorrow

By adapting development needs for each department based on strengths and needs, we focus on future success by development of individuals, teams and organizations.
Top-performing employees create extraordinary results that provide a solid foundation for business growth.

Our Purpose is to deliver better and faster information of the organization in a smarter way,
so that humans and the organization will have better days.We help you develop your dream team.

A strong culture aligned with 
strategy and leadership drives 
positive organizational outcomes

Tracking employee data is only the beginning. What matters most is how that data is analyzed and translated into an actionable system of intelligence.


Leaders want better information on how they can make better use of employees' strengthsThe tools they have seen today are not adapted to the leaders' everyday lives.


Easy to use easy to adapt. From set-up to send-out and starting the survey within minutes. Report are ready to interpret as soon as 5 employees have answered. 


Culture Exploit will help leaders solve problems, before it is a problem. Problem solving starts with asking the right questions. It reveals and highlights the company's relationship to DEI (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion).


There are continually faster and more disrupting changes in the surroundings that lead to changes in the strategy and adjustments in the organization.
This is leading to  increased degree of innovation, globalization and digitization, people are required to work across functions and countries. Breaking down the silos is not easy, but necessary

Would you let a doctor 
operate on you without doing an 
examination first?

Exploit the blind spots in the organization that make you build a winning Culture

The people in the real world do not behave like the people we make all our usual strategies for.

Not all of your employees are rowing in the same direction!

What does a positive cultural journey really mean for your employees? How can you solve it?

Developing an organizational culture should not be stopped by expensive tools

We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the investment cost.

Continous improvement
with MOVE

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.

Without mapping, most projects will not achieve the desired result after the scheduled time. Changing a culture is difficult and takes time. Leading a culture that we know how respond will make it possible to leverage the strengths and be conscious of the weaker sides.

Our training is based on 
where you are and 
where you are going

The resources used are based on recognized research and will understand your challenges. Culture Exploit highlights what a process might look like for you based on your situation. No two are alike, therefore the approach, pace and challenges will be unique to you. On the other hand, what will be the same for everyone is the knowledge of the situation today. To get where you want to go, you need to know where you are.

Use the tool that gives you insight to elevate the engagement
that drives outcomes

Get employees to respond
No possibility to link scores to person.

In order for the employees to be confident in their anonymity, no results will be displayed if the selected group has less than five employees. Takes care of whistleblowers. What are people thinking that they do not say? What really underlies why we do things. What others think they know and assume about the organization, but which may be completely wrong.

UN´s 17 sustainable goal
To achieve a green shift, people in the organization must be more important

Human capital makes up as much as 80% of our capital. This must be thought about in the long term, says Børge Brende, President of The World Economic Forum.
The UN's 17 sustainable goals take consideration of this. Culture EXPLOIT help companies focus on the people in an organization so that good health for both the individual and the company will benefit positively.

Real-time analyzes with no admin

Our platform is easy to adapt, easy to use and easy to understand. Data is analyzed automatically and reducing the need of admin for managers. Dynamic dashboards make it easy to share results and start development of the culture.
Our security is first class, both for IT and of course for each employee.

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