60 - 70% of all changes fail due to lack of knowledge about the human capital

Our Purpose is to deliver better and faster information of the organization in a smarter way,

So that you can get the right information about the strengths and challenges

in the organization.
This will help you to make the right decisions for the people and the organization.

Ensure that the “People part”
of integration does not get forgotten, even for small acquisitions.


of leaders want better data about the people in the organization to make better business decisions.


Knows what gives results


Have useful data

The treatening fact today is that:


Are likely to leave the job


of employees are stressed daily at work


of employees are disengaged in their job

In Merger & Acquisition processes speed and a good plan is important, even for knowing the people involved!

It is important to have a map and a compass
to take the right steps in the right direction, as fast as possible.

  • Know what challenges you face when it comes to the people in the organization.
  • Focus on Leaders and employees.
  • Which solutions give effect to the challenges you face. Whether it is a business you buy or there are two or more to merge.
  • Valued for dynamic, easy to use and understand, technical and cultural issues that are so critical to M&A success.


The people in the real world do not behave like the people we make all our usual strategies for.

To change culture, you depend on people with the expected behavior. By mapping what behavioral tendencies there are, it will be easier to create a strategy based on the strengths of the employees and you will succeed.


Would you let a doctor operate on you without doing an examination first?

Culture Exploit will help leaders solve problems before it is a problem.

It has real live reports and you can drill down on many aspects.
The leader can see all the information about the organization in one view!

Offering insights to align culture
with business strategy ultimately driving a better culture and better results.

Research shows that there is no clear positive relationship between
employee satisfaction and productivity.
If we support each other based on trust, a culture is created that is characterized by initiative and responsibility. That is why it is so important to measure the "We" perspective in culture instead of the "I" perspective
in employee and engagement surveys. 

when and how?

What we can help you with

Our dedicated team runs the process of data collection, setup of analyzes and visualizing findings.


Pre Merger:
Finding the Leadership skills and behaviors of the Management team.

Post Merger:
Finding the DNA in the whole organization. Culture, skills and behaviors. How to act on behalf of these findings based on tooltip and training suggestions for the leader. This gives the Post Merger Integration period a better starting point with clear data about the organization.he organization in one view!

Development of organizations:
Achieve better results by developing the people in the organizations.

Companies with great culture see:


Greater profitability


Higher client loyalty


Lower turnover


Fewer sickdays

When to use it.

Development of organizations

If you have a goal in mind, it is important to know where you are in order to reach your goal. Most organizations know too little about the people who work there. Their assumptions are often based on opinion rather than facts. With the help of our tool, you will find out where you are and by checking out the leadership qualities and the behavior of the employees, the possibilities and speed of getting where you want will also become visible. Leaders will now get the right information to act.

M & A processes
In Merger & Acquisition processes, speed and a good plan is important, even for knowing the people involved! It is important to have a map and a compass to take the right steps in the right direction, as fast as possible.

New as a leader
When you start in a new position as a leader it is necessary for you to have valuable and applicable facts about your employees. This will save you both time and wrong assumptions of knowing the people involved.


What they say

What used to be complex and time-consuming to measure the company culture, has become a relatively fast and easy-to-use tool that gives our leaders practical inside information and also how to react, without difficult interpretations and all without the use of expensive external consultants. I got the impression that we are in control of our own culture and not an outsider.

Edwin Schreur

Partner TeamOn

I found that leaders got from 4% to an average of 9,7% of data about their culture. No wonder terrible decisions are made and that in a world that already is complex enough. So we asked ourselves: How do we find out what 100% of the humans in an organization?

Well, I found my cure, and that is using Culture Exploit. Now we have much better decision-making data than before. With this knowledge, we can finally make Agile work in any organization.”

Jari Aho

CEO Force Agile Sweden

I liked the flexible approach and professional support combined with a solid survey tool. It was a good experience all the way. It showed us detailed information of what people in different departments are struggling with and pointed to what is essential to improve.

Yngvar Sjoner

HR Director Nemko Group


Plans and Prices


10 portfolio companies is included 

for 12 months

adding additional companies

€ 200 per company

2 500



  • all inclusive per employee
  • no extra fees
  • Chat and phone support

50 portfolio companies is included 

for 12 months

additional companies

€ 150

8 750



  • all inclusive per employee
  • no extra fees
  • Chat and phone support

Features included in all packages

  • Unlimited use per year
  • GDPR compliant
  • Online reports
    Executive view - Stress tendencies - Comments - Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Full demographic drill down
  • Unlimited employees
  • Scores per dimension
  • Score per assertions
  • Onboarding 
  • Full flexibility - Pick and choose what is important to measure for your organization
  • Access for all leaders
  • Access to resources
  • Customization
  • Access to training modules
  • Tooltips
  • Support packages - Gold, Silver or Standard

Support packages

  • Standard support package, included in all packages: Chat and phone support
  • Silver support package: Support from dedicated team 
  • Gold support package: Support with follow-up plans 


Step 1

  • The first measure. Getting the complete map of the organization.
  • Baseline1-4 times a year.
  • 25 minutes to complete

Step 2

  • Decide on focus areas on department level.
  • 1-3 times each quarter. Pulse
  • 5-10 minutes to complete.

Step 3

  • See how the potential is, based on leadership skills and behaviors.
  • 1 time per year
  • 10-45 minutes to complete

Step 4

  • Get short indicators on trends (Signals) so you can easily and fast change direction.
  • 2-4 times each month.
  • 5 minutes to complete.

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